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IQAir - First in Air Quality Air Purifiers for Your  Home and Office
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Austin Air Bedroom Machine 250 CFM Austin Air Bedroom Machine 250 CFM $7,999.00 Allerair 5000 D Vocarb Air Purifier Allerair 5000 D Vocarb Air Purifier $9,719.78 Blueair 450E (220V / HK version) Blueair 450E (220V / HK version) $6,880.00
Airfree Onix 3000 Air Sterilizer Airfree Onix 3000 Air Sterilizer $3,199.00
500W Voltage Converter 110/120V step up/down 220/240V, 50/60Hz 500W Voltage Converter 110/120V step up/down 220/240V, 50/60Hz $380.00

IQAir has been at the cutting edge of indoor air purification for over 40 years. Started by two German brothers in the the early 60s, they are an international, Swiss-based industry leader in the field of hygiene air purification. When clean, healthy indoor air is of the essence, IQAir is able to provide air purification solutions which are highly effective and yet affordable. IQAir's innovative strength stems from its own R&D and manufacturing. This, by today's standards rare approach, has led to products which set new standards in performance, style and quality.

IQAir's Health Pro air purifiers are able to remove airborne particles as small as .01 microns. This is 300 times smaller than most other air purifies on the market. In our opinion they are the best choice for allergy control.


IQAir Allergen 100 (HealthPro Compact)

IQAir HealthPro 150

IQAir HealthPro Plus (HealthPro 250)

IQAir GC MultiGas

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IQAir - First in Air Quality Air Purifiers for Your  Home and Office

AirFree - Completely silent air purifiers. Air Free's collection of units use intense heat in a ceramic core to incinerate organic matter such as pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and viruses. Typically a 70 - 90% reduction of micro organisms occurs within 10 days. Claims are backed up with well-documented research. There are no expensive filter changes. Air Free air purifiers are lightweight and have a small foot print. The Onix 3000 covers up to 650 sq. ft., the P2000 covers up to 550 sq. ft. and the P1000 covers up to 450 sq ft. Airfree uses heat convection to move air, there are no moving parts. Accordingly the units work best in poorly ventilated areas.

Airfree® is the only technology that safely destroys airborne allergens, mold spores, mildew, dust mite allergens, viruses, bacteria, and pet dander. Airfree® does not use harmful emission such as UV light or ozone. Airfree® uses heat instead with no noticeable heat contribution to the room temperature. Airflow is quietly achieved through air convection generated by Airfree® ´s patented Thermodynamic Sterilizing System (TSS™) that sterilizes air at high temperatures. Cooler air is then continuously drawn into Airfree®. No need for a noisy fan. No moving parts and best of all, no maintenance!

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How it works?

Airgle was founded in 1999. The name of company, Air-g-l-e, stands for: Purifying Air with a Great Level of Efficiency. Airgle was established to offer air purification technologies and equipments that live up to that promise.
As a pioneer in air purification systems, Airgle established itself early on as an industry leader, by applying technology and innovation to create its Airgle product line. Airgle strives to be an industry pioneer with their firm commitment to research and development. They have developed a worldwide research team with offices in the US, South Korea and Hong Kong.
Today Airgle is one of the most experienced manufacturers of air purification systems in the United States. Airgle has built and developed an International presence by establishing offices in the U.S.A, South Korea and Hong Kong, and we now have hundreds of dealers worldwide. Our air purification systems have consistently achieved some of highest air quality rankings out of hundreds of air purifiers tested in third party testing. Airgle has quickly earned an international reputation as one of the world's most trusted names in air purification systems.

In January of 2008 the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers awarded the Airgle 750 the highest CADR ratings given for all three particle types tested: pollen, dust and tobacco smoke. These Airgle ratings outperformed many of their more well-known competitors. Airgle supports their products with solid customer service support and a three year warranty on all of their air purifiers.


Airpura - As a retailer, we are pleased with our customers's positive experiances. Airpura's customer service is very good. Airpura responds immedialtely if there is a problem. Airpura air purifiers are rugged, powerful and reliable.

Airpura air purifiers provide more air filtration power than most other air purifier manufacturers. Airpura air purifiers have a 560 CFM motor to pull air through carbon and hepa filters. (CFM means Cubic Feet per Minute). Many manufacturers have a 400 CFM motor.

The CFM of the motor is very important. A 400 CFM motor may only deliver 250 cubic feet of clean air per minute or less. This is caused by pressure drop when air is pulled through carbon and hepa air filters. Airpura air purifiers deliver approximately 350 CFM. This is enough to clean the air in a 600 sq. ft. room four times per hour.

Airpura air purifiers have a variable speed motor. This means you can fine tune motor speed and noise. This feature is standard with Airpura air purifiers. Most air purifier manufacturers would charge more for this feature.

Noise is unavoidable when pulling air through carbon and hepa filters. Airpura does it with less noise than comparable units.


AllerAir Industries Established in 1996, AllerAir Industries has the heart of a family business, with the mindset of a fortune 500 competitor. When a close family member was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), President Sam Teitelbaum set out to research and develop an air purifier that would provide safe and effective relief. Along with partner, Wayne Martin, this initiative quickly established AllerAir in the industry, and led to the development of over 100 different air purifier models.

Now with offices in the U.S. and Canada, a committed team of employees and Indoor Air Quality Experts, AllerAir has become a prominent leader with units used in residential, business, and commercial applications alike. Institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Boeing Aircraft and the U.S. Army are just some of their higher profile customers.

The AllerAir Difference
AllerAir is proud to offer air purifiers that feature the deepest carbon beds on the market, with up to 40 different proprietary carbon blends. Their carbon beds are made up of actual granular pieces of carbon, not crushed carbon, and can be customized with between 4 pounds and 120 pounds of carbon to efficiently absorb any gasses, odors and chemicals. The lifespan of their carbon is far greater than many competitors, and has an unparalleled absorption capacity. AllerAir units have metal housing, not plastic ones, and are designed with powder-coated paint, preventing any off gassing. Their carbon filters are also lined with two additional pre-filters, providing increased filtration, and extending the performance of the HEPA filter. The carbon canisters are also refillable, making AllerAir units some of the most environmentally friendly and cost effective units on the market.

With increased dangers and illnesses associated with poor air quality, AllerAir also recognizes the responsibility it has to create units that provide businesses and residences with the cleanest indoor air available. AllerAir is proud of its superior carbon filtration methods, and takes it a step further by offering more options and features at an equal or better price value than its competitors. With the most extensive line of air purifiers available on the market and North American manufacturing, AllerAir is confident that its line of products is the most advanced on the market.

Austin Air air purifiers are manufactured in the United States. After pioneering and leading the air cleaning industry for more than 15 years, Austin Air maintains the largest air cleaner manufacturing facility in the world, manufacturing everything in-house. From the filter, to metal forming, to powder coating, to final assembly, every Austin Air cleaner is proudly made in the USA. Austin Air has excellent customer service.


Austin Air has been chosen by the National Sleep Foundation to manufacture a new air cleaner for use in the bedroom for sleeping. The NSF Bedroom Machine is the same system that Austin Air developed Johns Hopkins University Medical School.


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Blueair was founded in Sweden in 1996. They have earned a reputation for high performance, technological innovation and quality design. Blueair's award-winning air purifiers are for people who don't want to compromise on health, design or function. Blueair air purifiers help relieve the discomfort of allergy and asthma symptoms and can enhance respiratory health and well-being for anyone suitable solutions for the homes, offices and commercial locations. Blueair's performance is proven effective, and we provide information with integrity so consumers can make informed choices.

Blueair's headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden, and Chicago, Illinois. They actively research new clean air solutions for homes, offices and commercial locations.

Clean Air Library

Be an informed consumer! Blueair brings you convenient resources on indoor air quality and human health. Our library keeps growing, so visit again for updates.

BBC: Cleaner air adds months to life

Cuts in air pollution in US cities over recent decades have added an average of five months of life to their inhabitants, research suggests.

CNN: Drop in U.S. air pollution linked to longer lifespans

Americans are living longer because the air they breathe is getting cleaner, a new study suggests.

WebMD: Life expectancy up, thanks to cleaner air

Better air quality partly behind Americans' longer life spans, study says.

Ozone and Air Purification: Fact and Fiction

Find out what you need to know about ozone and air purifiers. Then compare Blueair 501 ozone test results with government air quality standards and learn why Blueair's systems are safe .

Types of Air Cleaners

Brief, informative descriptions of three standard air cleaning technologies: mechanical filtration, electronic air cleaning and ionization.

Choosing an Air Cleaner: System Performance

Can you name all four key performance concerns? Good advice from the Environmental Protection Agency to help you evaluate an air cleaning system before you buy.

Choosing an Air Cleaner: Other Concerns

How much sound does it produce? How much power does it use? A list of secondary considerations, from environmental impact to sound economy.

Ozone Generators and Ionization

Has the government established safe levels for indoor ozone? A joint position statement from the EPA, American Lung Association, American Medical Association and Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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